Restyle Services

Restyle Services

We take limited restyles, and only take on those that we approved up front. For booking a restyle slot, please send us an email with the following information:

- The original seller

- When the wig was purchased/last restyled

- Pictures that clearly show the current state of the wig

After receiving an email, we will give you a quote. After you agree we will create a listing for you.

The price of a restyle is 50% of the price of a new wig for that character, assuming the wig is still in a decent state; a few tangles are to be expected, but when a wig is completely matted there will be additional charges. Additional charges will include, but not limited to, wigs that need a cut, renewing the tulle on braids, de-matting, etc.


A standard restyle includes:

- Detangling and taking down the style

- Washing and refurbishing the wig

- Restyling the wig

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