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    Premium quality
    Handstyled wigs and character wig bases
    Designed to perfectly resemble our favorite characters
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    Custom made wigs by our professional stylist
    Mader to order
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Premium quality base wigs
Commissions open for November 2024
Professional stylist with 6 years experience
We ship world wide
Find the wig of your dreams in our handstyled wig collections! Our custom orders are styled by our professional stylist. Our stylist has a great eye for shaping and detail, while making sure the design is sturdy and durable. Our custom made wigs are made to order. We are currently taking orders for November 2024.

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  • OUAWB bases available in the US & UK!
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Kim & Emma
Founders Sprookjesfeesten
Once Upon A Wig Boutique is a magical place where dreams come to life through stunning and durable wigs. The craftsmanship is impeccable, capturing the essence of our beloved and iconic princesses with extraordinary attention to detail. These wigs are not just accessories; they're companions ready for any adventure. The quick turnaround time, exceptional durability, and outstanding customer service, especially in meeting tight deadlines, make Once Upon A Wig Boutique stand out. The personal touch and passion of Naomi, the creator, are evident, turning each commission into a fairytale experience. Highly recommended for those looking to bring their favorite fairytales to life.
Founder Er Was Eens
Can 100% recommend Naomi as a wig stylist! She went above and beyond to create the wig I wanted, even when I came with a huge list of demands (since I used to always style everything myself). Her styling is CRAZY sturdy, and are polished to absolute perfection. I don’t know what else I can tell you: they are really just perfect. Can’t add anything to that. Simply perfection.
Founder Fairytale Fantasy Princess Parties
Wow is all I can say! From start to end working with this shop was pure magic! I was always asked and told what was going on. Communication was kind and easy! Once styling began, I was shown the steps and asked if I needed anything changed. My wigs came way before I needed them and they were above and beyond what I could’ve hoped for! They were also packaged so well, Mufasa himself couldn’t shred the box and ruin them! Thank you so much for making Halloween even more amazing! Thank you for being professional, helpful and thoughtful! And most of all thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Blessings! (Blue Fairy and Gepetto special request)